Second Language Acquisition for the Real World

Work In Progress

These courses applies research on language acquisition to the context of 6-12 classrooms. Each one is organized in three stages: research overview, implications for teaching, example activities, lessons and strategies. The online training is self-paced and interactive. Monthly webinars support collaboration and problem solving.

Interactive Understanding

Painless Language Learning

  • Use brain research to empower students and teachers to stay in the target language.

  • Optimize teacher and student moves to get language into the brain for the long-term.

Proficiency Not Perfection

Spontaneous Speaking

  • Describe what performances look like at different proficiency levels

  • Evaluate Teacher practices that build spontaneous speaking (Interpersonal Speaking)

Magic of Meaning

Improving Accuracy

  • Designing Comprehensible input to focus on word choice and native-like structures

  • Describe how complex structures are stored and accessed in the brain

  • Use research-based criteria to choose the high-leverage structures

  • Discover activities that may increase the acquisition of problematic structures

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