Proficiency, not Perfection

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Proficiency Levels

60,000 foot view of the large proficiency bands


Describe what spontaneous conversations (interpersonal speaking) might like at different proficiency levels.

Success Criteria

  • I can identify the elements of interpersonal speaking and define communication

  • I can describe speaking performances at in the major levels of novice, intermediate and advanced proficiency levels and how the sub-levels function within the major levels.

  • I can identify the proficiency levels necessary for several jobs.

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Designing Culturally Relevant Tasks

Combine Culturally Relevant Teaching with Communicative Tasks


  • Identify the elements of a communicative tasks

  • Understand how culturally relevant teaching can improve communicative tasks

Success Criteria

  • I can evaluate tasks for their level of communication and cultural relevance.

  • I can create my own communicative tasks

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Assessing Interpersonal Speaking

Review of Different Strategies to assess interpersonal speaking performance


  • Spark Ideas about Assessing Interpersonal Speaking

Success Criteria

  • I can articulate the need for assessing Interpersonal Speaking

  • I can evaluate different ways of assessing Interpersonal Speaking