You are already a super teacher who is choosing their own professional learning path! It’s your super powers that help students to communicate to new people and discover new perspectives.

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Although the research on language acquisition is half a century ago, some aspects may challenge “accepted wisdom” in our profession. Teachers start by teaching the way they were taught and then expand their repertoire from experience. (Conti, 2015) . Since many of the findings are counter-intuitive, we invite you to let the ideas percolate over time. Participants find that it helps talk things over with colleagues while withholding judgments. In the end you will use critical thinking skills to decide what is best for your students.


We invite you to engage with your colleagues at your local site and online.

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Choose your own path through the training. Make the task better for your situation. As always, we value your feedback. In the meantime, empower yourself to make changes that will improve your learning experience.


This series of courses challenges you to envision a language classroom where students acquire language painlessly and communicate about ideas that are important to them. A vision for a communicative classroom aligned to research will stimulate new ideas to give students’ voice.